Teaching Staff


Sister Kayane Taslakian

Sister Kayane Taslakian has been part of the Armenian Sisters order for over six decades. She started her teaching career in 1963 at the Armenian Sisters’ Academy in Damascus, Syria where she taught Armenian and religion to elementary aged students. When her assignment was over in Damascus, she moved to Amman, Jordan where she continued to teach at the ASA there. As a result of the war, and after three years in Jordan, she moved to Baghdad, Iraq where she remained for 25 years teaching Armenian and religion at the ASA location there. When the need for a religion teacher arose in the Los Angeles location of ASA, Sister Kayane once again moved, and has remained at ASA Montrose since 1996. Currently, she teaches religion to the preschool students, kindergarteners, and first thru third graders. Sister Kayane is originally from Lebanon and received her education in early childhood development and pre-elementary schooling in Rome, Italy.