Teaching Staff


Mrs. Linda Keleshian Kandilian

Mrs. Linda Keleshian Kandilian has been teaching at ASA since 2002. During her first two years at ASA, she taught mathematics to third and fourth graders. Thereafter, she started to teach Armenian and Armenian History to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, and continues to do so currently. Additionally, she serves as the head of the Armenian Department, is a member of the yearbook committee, a board member of the local Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Saturday School Regents, and frequently reports on school activities to the local Armenian newsletters. Mrs. Kandilian received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Aleppo, in Syria, and completed a certificate program in Armenian literature at Mekhitarist Fathers’ school. Early in her career, Mrs. Kandilian taught mathematics and Armenian at multiple local Armenian elementary schools in Aleppo. Upon marrying and having three children, she chose to cease teaching and dedicated her time to the betterment of the local Armenian community in Aleppo. As a dedicated executive member of the local ARS, she concentrated her efforts on optimizing the operations of the local orphanage and the free community health clinic while serving on multiple other local, regional and national ARS committees. Additionally, Mrs. Linda spent eight years as a member of the local Armenian church social service committee in Aleppo and counseling those with marital and/or financial problems. Mrs. Linda’s hobbies include knitting, cooking and creative writing.