ASA Crusaders .

Armenian Sister's Academy has a broad athletic program which is ordained by our Coach and several other assistant coach's inculding Armenian Sister's Academy Alumni. All Armenian Sister's Academy Students have the benift of participating in our athletic program. Our School  participates annually in the Homenetmen Kaham games, AGBU Pasadena School Tournaments,American Impact Basketball Tournaments,  as well as Armenian Schools Friendly games. Armenian Sister's Academy includes all team members 1st -8th grades in games as well as having a special athletic program for kindergartners once a week, which is conducted by our head coach to prepare our future team members accurately. ASA Crusaders are known to have a good records of progress and success no matter what the outcome of a game. The Philosophy of ASA (Armenian Sister's Academy) is that every child is a winner !!

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After School Sports: Basketball Skills Development Program