Parents' Auxiliary Yearly Calendar

Sep. 3 Wed. First day of school
      Free coffee, and croissant to parents as they drop off their children. Free juice and snack to students at recess.
  10 Wed. Every Wednesday till October 29. Alternating Yum Yum Yogurt and Jamba Juice sale.
  26 Fri. Bingo night
Nov. 13 Thu. Coffee sale
Dec. 16-18 Tu.-Thu. Christmas bazaar
  13 Sat. Breakfast with Santa, fool and mamounia
Jan. 31 Sat. 30th Anniversary GALA
March 24-26 Tu.-Thu. Easter bazaar
May 6 Wed. Every Wednesday till June 10. Resume alternating Yum Yum Yogurt and Jamba Juice sale.
May 14 Thu. Hampartsoum (Ascension) Lunch