We, at the Armenian Sisters’ Academy, believe that every child is unique and valuable, because each child comes from God and has an eternal destiny.


We are dedicated to the development of the total child: spiritually, intellectually, personally, emotionally and socially.

The school expands understanding of the nature of ethnicity and its place in a greater cultural context. The school, as a family complement, is a part of our community and society with its own identity as a stimulating environment, designed to cultivate the growth of the whole child in spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, physical and ethnic areas.


Armenian language, Armenian cultural courses and religion are included in our curriculum in addition to California standards of academic subjects.




The Armenian Sisters' Academy strives to achieve the following goals and objectives:


1) Spiritually:

-ᅠto help the student develop all the areas of his/her life within the framework of the Church’s teachings,


2) Intellectually:

- to enable the student to acquire basic skills and to provide opportunities and experiences, which will contribute to their total development,

- to provide experiences wherein the student may learn to discern the difference between fact and opinion,

- to encourage small group work and the increased use of independent study,

- to implant discipline through the development of self-control necessary for the common good,

- to provide all students with opportunities to develop a sense of values and basic integrity,


3) Emotionally and Physically:

- to develop in each student a healthy self-image,

- to develop in each student principles and practices of self-care and safety,

- to provide each student with an optimistic and respectful atmosphere in which each student feels encouraged,


4) Socially:

- to foster in each student a Christian attitude toward and a value for all types of work,

- to create an atmosphere where the Armenian language, culture, and heritage may be taught and experienced,

- to emphasize the heritage, responsibilities and privileges of American citizenship, and

- to cultivate an appreciation of beauty and the various cultures by providing experiences in art, music, and foreign languages.