November 5, 2017



The Mathematics Department at ASA is dedicated to increasing students’ appreciation and awareness of math as an integral part of their daily lives. Students will come to understand that the concepts, formulas, rules, definitions, and properties they learn as part of the curriculum have real-life applications. In addition, mathematics teaches skills, such as analytical thinking, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and attention to detail, which proves itself useful outside of the classroom. The math department follows the Common Core program called “Go Math!” from grades K-6, and the 7th and 8th grades follow a traditional math program, pre-algebra and algebra respectively, utilizing textbooks from the McDougal/Littell publishing company.



The Armenian Sisters’ Academy follows the Common Core State Standards in social studies. Students learn about their community, the founding of their state, the history and geography of their country, and the world’s major civilizations. In addition, through a subscription of the Junior Scholastic magazine, students keep up with current events through grade-appropriate, high-interest articles. […]

Nov 01

The Armenian Sisters’ Academy follows the Common Core State Standards in the area of English Language Arts (ELA). Our students learn how to use multiple strategies for reading comprehension of short stories, novels, poetry, and a variety of nonfiction texts. In addition, our students learn critical thinking and text analysis skills, and how to communicate […]

Nov 02

The Religion Department at ASA follows the Armenian Catholic church’s guidelines for teaching lessons. The Bible and Catechism books are the primary sources for the department to teach religion, in addition to teaching the Holy Trinity, hymns, the Ten Commandments, and the history of Armenia’s Christian traditions. Students learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ, […]

The Physical Education Department at ASA follows “The President’s Challenge” for physical activity and fitness. “The President’s Challenge” also provides an awards program that all of our students participate in regardless of their strengths or weaknesses. In addition, the department also follows the California State Standards for P.E. All grades learn coordination, sportsmanship, and teamwork […]