November 7, 2017



ASA offers a comprehensive Armenian Studies program using the Armenian Prelacy’s textbooks. The program is targeted toward the mastery of the Armenian language, history, and culture. The Armenian Department’s course objectives include reading in Armenian fluently, increasing comprehension skills, oral expression, and ensuring that all students are writing at grade level. Additionally, the department focuses on Armenian vocabulary enrichment, and teaching students about Armenia’s history.

At the Armenian Sisters’ Academy, the Western Armenian dialect is taught. Lessons are made more effective and interesting to the students through projects, activities, and plays. Students also compete in vocabulary, spelling, and history competitions. Also, in order to strengthen cultural awareness, we organize cultural events and presentations each month, such as a Vartanantz and Armenia’s Independence Day’s assemblies.

The Armenian Department rewards students with an Armenian Language Certificate Award at the end of the year for those students who earn “As” all three trimesters. The department also awards students with an Armenian author’s sticker (i.e. William Saroyan, Barouyr Sevag, Hovhannes Toumanian, and Komidas) at the end of each trimester. When students collect three stickers, they are awarded a medal on behalf of the Armenian department during the Awards Assembly at the end of the year.



The Armenian Sisters’ Academy follows the Common Core State Standards in social studies. Students learn about their community, the founding of their state, the history and geography of their country, and the world’s major civilizations. In addition, through a subscription of the Junior Scholastic magazine, students keep up with current events through grade-appropriate, high-interest articles. […]

Nov 01

The Armenian Sisters’ Academy follows the Common Core State Standards in the area of English Language Arts (ELA). Our students learn how to use multiple strategies for reading comprehension of short stories, novels, poetry, and a variety of nonfiction texts. In addition, our students learn critical thinking and text analysis skills, and how to communicate […]

Nov 02

The Religion Department at ASA follows the Armenian Catholic church’s guidelines for teaching lessons. The Bible and Catechism books are the primary sources for the department to teach religion, in addition to teaching the Holy Trinity, hymns, the Ten Commandments, and the history of Armenia’s Christian traditions. Students learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ, […]

The Physical Education Department at ASA follows “The President’s Challenge” for physical activity and fitness. “The President’s Challenge” also provides an awards program that all of our students participate in regardless of their strengths or weaknesses. In addition, the department also follows the California State Standards for P.E. All grades learn coordination, sportsmanship, and teamwork […]