The Armenian Sisters’ Academy strives to prepare students who will achieve the following at grade appropriate level: - Spiritually:


Know the Ten Commandments. Know and under stand the basic teachings and religious celebrations of the Armenian Church.


Know the basic prayers and hymns of the Armenian Church liturgy.


- Academically:


Have a strong foundation in core subjects and achieve appropriate levels in English, math, and science. Know and use information technology (IT).


Apply critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities to everyday life.


- Physically:


Understand basic health, fitness, nutrition and hygiene. Demonstrate good sportsmanship.


- Socially:


Be disciplined and responsible citizens. Be active participants in their local communities through volunteer work and activism. Develop an environmental consciousness.


- Culturally:


Be able to speak, read and write in Armenian. Know Armenian history.


Practice and preserve the Armenian culture and heritage. Respect different cultures and diversity.




The preschool students of the Armenian Sisters’ Academy are expected to:


- Language:


Have pre-reading and pre-writing skills in English and Armenian.




Kow numbers and shapes, be able to count by rote, and match numbers and shapes to sets of objects.


- Science:


Use their senses to observe, describe and compare objects.


- Social/Emotional:


To develop healthy emotional skills by cooperating, helping problem solving and following rules.


- Physical/Health:


Use large muscles by running, jumping and balancing; develop small muscles by using scissors, building blocks and holding a writing instrument; wash their hands properly throughout the day.


- Creative Arts:


Express themselves creatively through the arts and music.