The prospective student’s parent/guardian should call the school office at (818) 249-8783 and schedule a tour of the school as well as an interview with the principal. The school principal interviews the prospective student and his or her parent/guardian to determine the student’s suitability for admission. The prospective student and parents must agree to follow the school’s philosophy and teachings, abide by its rules and regulations, and support the school’s fundraising activities to the best of their abilities.


Parent/Guardian of prospective student is required to complete a package that includes application and registration forms. A non-refundable registration fee of $400 is required to guarantee a placement.


Students transferring from other schools need to submit their previous transcript(s). The school principal will review these transcripts, placing great emphasis on the student’s past good behavior. If the prospective student comes from another state or country, the principal and subject homeroom teacher would assess the child’s ability to handle the existing curriculum and make appropriate recommendations for tutoring and additional work.


There are age restrictions for admission into preschool. To be admitted into Nursery, a toddler must have reached the age of two (2) prior to December 2nd. To be admitted into the Orange group, a child must have reached the age of three (3) prior to September 1st and be potty-trained. To be admitted into Pre-Kindergarten (the Blue group), a child must have reached the age of four (4) prior to September 1st. To be admitted into Kindergarten (the Green group), a child must have reached the age of five (5) prior to September 1st.


An Open House is generally scheduled in spring of every year. Please call or check the school website for a listing of Open House dates and times.